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Flexible Financing for You

Lifestyle (Personal) Loans, sometimes called Signature Loans, are a great way to fund a special purchase, consolidate debt, or cover a major expense. We offer secured and unsecured personal loans. Our signature loans do not require collateral. Just your good name, a good credit score, and a promise to pay us back.

What is a Personal, or Signature Loan?

It is a type of unsecured personal loan offered by a financial institution. The primary requirement of these loans is the borrower’s signature and their promise to pay. Most institutions also check a borrower’s credit score, and some may require a loan cosigner.

Signature loans are a kind of unsecured term loan which means that this loan isn’t secured by collateral, like a borrower’s car loan or home mortgage. The term requires that the loan is paid off during a predetermined timeframe, which is typically through monthly payments during the duration of the loan term. 

Use a Personal Loan for almost anything, including:

  • Car repairs
  • Vacations
  • Weddings
  • Education costs (Student Loans are also available)
  • Medical bills
  • Taxes
  • Debt consolidation
  • Elective surgery

Use our personal loan calculator to determine your payments.

Benefits of a FinancialEdge Personal Loan

  • Fixed payments and payment schedules
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No application fees
  • Both secured and unsecured Personal Loans available
  • No collateral required on Signature Loans, just your good name, a good credit score and a promise to pay the loan back

Don't wait! Apply for a personal loan with FinancialEdge today to help you reach your financial goals, whatever they may be. Apply online now by clicking the button below, visit your nearest branch, call 989-892-6088, or email us with questions.


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