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Upgrade your checking account -
with 5.00% APY* Max Interest Checking

Ready to make your checking account work for you? Look no further than MyLife Max Interest Checking! This account is designed to give you one of the highest interest rates on the block simply by using your debit card and opting for e-statements. With an annual percentage yield (APY) that'll make your savings soar, you'll be thrilled to see your money grow.

But wait, there's more! The best part of MyLife Max Interest Checking is how easy it is to manage. Sign up online, and you'll have access to a range of features that make banking a breeze. Check your balance, transfer funds, and pay bills from your mobile app or computer, and enjoy a hassle-free banking experience all while earning extra cash.

So, if you're ready to earn cash dividends and MAXimize your savings, look no further than MyLife Max Interest Checking. Your money will thank you!

Unleash your Checking Account's Maximum Potential.

Slide the orange circle to adjust the account balance and see how much you could earn* with our 5.00%APY
MyLife Max Interest Checking

*The actual APY will vary between .02% - 5.00%. Please note that the calculator's results are estimates of expected interest earned and may not reflect the actual outcomes. The earned per year amount shown is calculated by a full year at the account balance amount selected in the slider. Your results may vary as your daily balance fluctuates. Factors such as leap years, deposit timings, rounding, and fluctuations in interest rates can affect the final calculation. Displayed values are also based on the assumption that both principal and interest remain on deposit. 

Account Balance


Earned Per Year*


Ready to get started? Complete the following simple steps:

Step 1: Open or Upgrade Your Account

Not a Member?
Open Your New Account Online

Already a Member?
Upgrade your existing MyLife Checking account by:

Step 2: Enroll in e-Statements

Opt-in to receive your statements online. It's fast, easy, convenient, and secure.
How to enroll in e-Statements

Step 3: Use your FinancialEdge Credit Union Debit Mastercard®

Start using your debit card 20 or more times a month for purchases (excludes ATM transactions) (purchases must be posted during the month to qualify - see full disclosures here).*

Learn more about your FinancialEdge Credit Union Debit Mastercard®

Max Interest Checking Account FAQ

What is an interest-earning checking account?

An interest-earning checking is like a regular checking account but way cooler. It works like a standard checking account by giving you access to your money whenever you need it, but with one big difference - it pays you! You can activate this higher interest just by swiping your debit card and utilizing e-statements*. Before you know it, you'll be earning some serious cash dividends with an annual percentage yield (APY)*. It's like getting a paycheck - just for living your life!

How does it work?

Our MyLife Max Interest Checking account offers cash dividends, paid out monthly, that use an APY interest rate on your average daily balance. If you use your debit card 20 times a month (or more), and are signed up for e-statements, your daily average checking balance will start to earn interest using our APY. This interest is then paid out at the end of the month on your average daily balance, up to $10,000*. That's right, we said up to $10,000! Roll out the red carpet, because you're about to become a financial high-roller!

How much do I need to open a MyLife Max Interest Checking account?

Opening an account is free at FinancialEdge Credit Union! Our MyLife max Interest Checking accounts only require a minimum opening balance of $25.00. But, if you're eyeing a higher payout, keeping as much moolah in your account as possible can lead to sweeter perks! The secret sauce is in the average daily balance. Keep your balance healthy, and watch as the benefits grow even bigger by the end of every month!


*Annual Percentage Yield designated as APY and subject to change at any time. Must enroll in eStatements and use your FinancialEdge Credit Union Debit Mastercard® at least twenty (20) times per month for purchases, excluding ATMs, to earn 5.00%APY. Balances over $10,000 will earn .02%APY. The earned per year amount shown is calculated by a full year at the account balance amount selected in the slider. Your results may vary as your daily account balance fluctuates. Transactions that are pending on your account and have not posted as of the end of the monthly qualification cycle will not count as a qualifying transaction for that cycle.

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